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Chances are you've been riding along a rough road. At Absolute Advocacy, we believe in second chances. We believe in you. Whether you're seeking DWI or substance abuse services, or drug education classes, we have your needs and best interests close to our hearts and will provide you with the best assessment, prevention and educational services Cabarrus & Mecklenburg counties offer. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time, your rough road ends right here.

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We are now offering counselor training!

Are you interested in becoming a substance abuse counselor? We'll arm you with the education you need to join our community of coaches and give back to the profession that helps so many lives get stronger. Already a counselor and want to broaden your skillset? We provide continuing educational opportunities to individuals already in the field.

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Need to schedule an assessment for DWI?

We have prepared a checklist that shows exactly what you need to bring to your assessment to handle your DWI as quickly as possible.

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Schedule your substance abuse assessment today. Our skilled professionals will figure out where you are in the process and equip you with the tools you need to reach your recovery goals.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Never Say it Won’t Be You
My experience here at Absolute Advocacy has been great. I really enjoyed this class and I’m so grateful to have… [Read More]
I Was Given Hope and a Second Chance
Before I started this class I was only focused on getting my drivers license back. But after the first day,… [Read More]
Very Informative and Helpful
The class was very informative and helpful. Everyone was very nice and seemed to care without judging any of our… [Read More]
An Enlightening Experience
Absolute Advocacy enlightened me of the mistakes I was making in my life. I realized the difference between high risk… [Read More]
5 Stars
5 Stars. I enjoyed the instructor’s motivation. She stayed always on topic, included personal experiences. The week was worth it.… [Read More]
Thank You for what you do!
I think from the point I first walked through the door I knew it would be a great experience and… [Read More]
Thanks but hopefully I never have to do this again
I enjoyed the staff and the materials tremendously! Everyone was so nice and judge free and made all of the… [Read More]

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