Breathalyzer Apps and Devices For Smartphones and Tablets

Putting Drivers In Control Of Driving Sober

Have you had too many drinks to drive home safely? Have you ever wondered if you had waited long enough before you get behind the wheel? Now you don’t have to guess. Breathalyzer Apps make it possible to get an estimate of your blood alcohol content (BAC) so you can make better decisions and know when it’s safe to drive. Keep in mind, no device is 100% accurate, however, these apps and new mobile devices give fairly good estimates based on consumer reviews. The goal is to help you think twice before drinking and driving.

For iPhones /iPads

iphone Breathalyzer App DrinkTrackerDrinkTracker ($1.99)
The DrinkTracker is a personal breathalyzer simulator and BAC calculator app. The app aims to give an accurate BAC reading based on the user’s age, gender, weight and height. Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod to keep track of your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) while you’re drinking with the DrinkTracker.


The app automatically compares your alcohol intake and your metabolic removal rate and updates your current Blood Alcohol Content every 60 seconds. Even if the application is turned off, when it’s started again it will pick up where it left off, retaining the previous drink and profile details and then recalculating your BAC ready for the addition of more drinks.

For Android Phones

Android Breathalyzer App AlcoDroid
Android Breathalyzer app - AlcoDroidAlcoDroid (Free)
A free breathalyzer app for Androids, AlcoDroid also provides an estimate of your blood alcohol content (BAC) based on the drinks you’ve logged, plots your BAC development in a chart and indicates when you get below the legal limit or back to zero. AlcoDroid also allows you to show, edit and export your drink logbook and chart your drinking habits daily, weekly or monthly.

Other Apps & Devices


AlcoHoot Smartphone Tablet Breathalyzer App
Available Fall 2013 ($75)
Developed by Alcohoot, LLC, Alcohoot is a mobile pocket-size breathalyzer device that measures your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) on your iPhone, iPad or Android. Alcohoot uses platinum grade fuel cell sensors, the same used by law enforcement breathalyzers, and a unique air pressure sensor to read blood alcohol levels. To use the device, plug it into your smartphone or tablet jack and blow into it. The corresponding mobile phone app that works along with the device captures your BAC level and displays it on your screen. The app also includes maps and taxi directory.
Priced at $75, the device is will not be available until September 2013, but you can preorder via the company’s site at


Available Fall 2013 ($49)
Slightly smaller than the Alcohoot, the Breathometer device is the size of a typical car key and plugs into the headphone jack of a smartphone and, in combination with a mobile app, measures a user’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) when they breath into it. The device fits into a user’s pocket or attaches to a keychain, making it easily portable for regular use.

The corresponding Breathometer app will also allow users to store their BAC levels at a given time, which allows them to see when their BAC has decreased to safe driving levels before they get behind the wheel. According the the company’s site, the Breathometer will get additional features as time goes on, including the option to call a cab by pushing a button.

Preorder the Breathometer Smartphone Breathalyzer at

StearClear – Designated Driver Service App

By StearClear (Free)
Stear Clear Alcohol Designated Driver App
STEARCLEAR is a Designated Driver service that connects users with professional drive teams that get them and their cars home safely. Use the app to schedule your ride using our GPS enabled mobile app. More than a taxi, the STEARCLEAR mobile app for the iPhone and Droid deploys a team of two drivers, to get you and your car home safely.

Yes, we know there are dozens of other Apps that claim to capture BAC levels, however after our review, too many of them were unreliable and many come with the warning they were designed for “entertainment only.” We don’t think it’s funny to drive drunk. With smartphone apps and devices, the responsibility and capability to make better decisions and drive sober is literally in your hands.

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