Alcohol Awareness: The Hidden Risks & Dangers of Drinking Too Much Alcohol


Did you know because of the effect alcohol can have on the brain, it is actually considered a drug? It's a fact, the more alcohol you drink the more it can reduce your ability to think clearly and slow down your ability to respond, similar to the way other drugs affect the body. Any substance that … [Read more...]

Acetyl Fentanyl Could Hit Charlotte’s Streets

Absolute Advocacy Acetyl-Fentanyl-Could-Hit-Charlottes-Streets

Last winter, a headline in The Charlotte Observer read, “Two powerful street drugs behind recent overdoses across NC.” The story, covered by Thomasi McDonald, opened with a reference to a warning issued by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) in the winter of 2013. The NCDHHS … [Read more...]

Infant Care and Drug Addiction: Why It Matters


Ask anyone how drug addiction affects pregnancy or infant care, and you’ll receive a slew of answers, all of which have one thing in common. Drug addiction affects both negatively. A recent NCBI study involving inner-city, low-income mothers in New Haven, Connecticut, delved deeper into the impact … [Read more...]